Monday, September 30, 2013

Wine and Cheese Pairing with Two Buck Chuck

Using the same wines from the blind wine tasting activity I did in the previous post (View Here), I brought out a cheese plate to pair with each wine.

Cheese and Wine is a classic pairing and taste even better when consumed together. The key to pairing wine and cheese is marrying the texture, acidity, flavor and fat content of the cheese to the flavor profile of the wine.

The following wine and cheese pairings are based upon different wine guides I found online.  Here is a link to a guide I found to be the most helpful: Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide 

Below are my suggested cheese pairings with Trader Joes' Charles Shaw (Two Buck Chuck) Wine:

1. Chardonnay & Brie Cheese

2. Sauvignon Blanc & Goat Cheese

 3. Cabernet Sauvignon & Sharp White Cheddar Cheese

4. Syrah & 1,000 Day Old Aged Gouda 

5. Sparkling Moscato & Blue Cheese
(this was my favorite pairing!)

If you would like to create these cheese tags, here is a link to a PDF of the cheese tags I created: Printable Cheese Tags.  I printed these circular tags on cardstock, then cut and taped them to wooden skewers.

All the supplies: wines, cheeses, crackers, salami and grapes were all from Trader Joes that served around 10 people at a total of about $45.


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