Monday, October 28, 2013

Floral Pomander "Kissing Ball"

I have been seeing these Pomander flower balls a.k.a Kissing Balls showing up in a lot of weddings recently as centerpieces as well as flower girl bouquets. 
They are also beautiful centerpieces to use for bridal showers or baby showers. 
Here is a step by step tutorial on creating your own Kissing Ball with fresh flowers.

Materials for Kissing Ball used as a centerpiece in a jar or container:
- 4 inch WET foam oasis ball (easily found at Michaels for less than $3 using a coupon)
- approximately 30 carnations (select one color or an assortment of colors) to fill 3/4 of the ball since the bottom will be in a vase or container

Step One:

Soak the foam ball in a pot of water until the ball is fully saturated (about one minute). The ball will be very heavy after taking it out of the water. 
*Make sure to add the flower food to the water so that the carnations last longer.

Step Two:
Cut the carnations leaving about an inch of the stem still on the carnation. 
Make sure to trim off any excess leaves.

Step Three:
Start inserting each carnation into the foam ball. Space out the carnations so that the petals are just slightly touching each other and not overlapping. The foam ball may leak some water, so I would recommend placing a styrofoam plate underneath the ball to collect the excess water. 

Leave a small open space on the bottom if you are going to place it on a stand or jar.

Materials for hanging Kissing Ball:
- 4 inch WET foam oasis ball
- 5ft of ribbon
- 3 corsage pins
- approximately 40 carnations

Step One:

Place the foam ball at the center of the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the foam starting from the top of the ball, then twist the ribbon together at the bottom and secure it with a pin. 

Step Two:
Bring both sides of the ribbon back to the top and tie a knot. Secure the knot by pinning it down with another pin. 

Step Three: 
Just like you would tie your shoe laces, tie two loops with the remainder of the ribbon and secure the knot with the last pin. Bring up the loops together to form the handle. 

Step Four:
Soak just the ball in the water solution. Then repeat steps two and three in the Kissing Ball centerpiece tutorial, except fill the entire ball with the carnations leaving no open spaces. Hang this ball on a chandelier, door or tree. 

If you use the flower food in the water solution, your arrangement will last for at least 10 days!


  1. How much did you spend on the carnations?

    1. Carnations vary depending on where you buy them. I got my selection of carnations at a local whole sale flower market for around $20