Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Glam Party -Budget Revealed

Halloween is my favorite holiday because it is THE holiday where you can go wild with creativity with costumes, decorations and food!

Here is my version of a Halloween Purple and Black Glam Party with a budget of about $70. 

Halloween Themed Appetizers and Desserts:



Pumpkin Cheese Plate- I got this inspiration from Pinterest where the pumpkin is shaped purely by vegetables. I revised it a little by adding squares of cheddar and jack cheese.

"Devil"ed Eggs- Deviled eggs are one of my favorite appetizers. They are so simple, yet so delicious. To make these Halloween themed, I cut up a small red bell pepper into tiny triangles as devil horns.

5 Layer Spider Webb Dip- A traditional 5 layer dip made with refried beans, sour cream, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese and mashed avocados. Made this with a Halloween twist by pipping sour cream into a spider web and adding a fake plastic spider. Serve the dip cold or hot (I prefer cold) with blue corn tortilla chips. I added plastic sticky eyes to the chip bowl for added spookiness. 

Pizza Mummies- Made from Bagel Bites and sliced black olives.

Monster Strawberries- Chocolate dipped strawberries using lavender colored candy melts with pipped chocolate monster faces.

Worms in Chocolate Mud- This dessert definitely tastes better than it looks. The chocolate mud is made from rich chocolate pudding and crumbled Oreos then topped with gummy worms.

Ghostly Cupcakes - I cheated on this dessert by making the chocolate cupcakes from store bought mix, but made the cream cheese frosting from scratch using a recipe from VIEW RECIPE, Make sure to pipe a small mound of the frosting in the center of the cupcake then pipe the frosting around the mound to form a ghost. Use mini chocolate chips to form the eyes. 

I spent a total of $40 on all the ingredients for the appetizers and desserts.

The Decor: 


Banner and Backdrop- Bunting banner created from colored construction paper I had in my stock of paper goods. I didn't have time to cut out individual letters so I used glue and loose purple glitter for lettering. The backdrop is made from white cotton spider webbing and plastic spiders. 

Cost Breakdown 
- Glitter $2.75
- Spider Webbing and Spiders $4

Table Decor- Added a touch of color to the table by using my purple scarf as a table runner. Hobby Lobby was having a great 40% off sale on all Halloween decorations which helped me bring down the cost of the table accent pieces to less than $25

Cost Breakdown
- Purple and gold pumpkins $12
- Metal purple glitter spiders $7/pair
- Colored plastic vampire teeth for dish place cards $3


  1. Are these the candy melts used for the strawberries?

    1. Hello, yes those are the correct candy melts. You can purchase them at Michaels and if you use a 40% off coupon it will come out to about $2